JAKARTA, 17 JUNE 2022 – Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First Indonesia, sister brands under Evolution Wellness Group, today gathered more than 600 exercise enthusiasts for an afternoon of group fitness fun. The first large scale group fitness activity since the pandemic, Blast Those Beats was held to celebrate fitness, and continue to encourage people to maintain their health by exercising on a regular basis.

At the event held at the Live House M Bloc South Jakarta, participants moved, grooved, punched, and kicked to the rhythm of three popular group fitness programmes: DNA Core Motion, Les Mills BodyCombat and BodyJam. DNA (Dance N Attitude) Core Motion is a Signature class from Celebrity Fitness that allows people to shape their core and burn calories through stylish dance choreography. On the other hand, BodyCombat and BodyJam are whole-body cardio classes from Les Mills International that are beneficial to getting toned and destroying body fat with mixed martial arts manoeuvres and dancing activity. The event also featured the 100th release of BodyJam, simply known as BodyJam 100. 

David Prosser, Country Manager of Evolution Wellness Indonesia, which owns and operates the Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First network of 38 clubs in Indonesia, said, “We’re delighted that so many people came together to participate in this event, many of whom are from the surrounding cities outside of Jakarta. Group fitness is not only enjoyable, but also delivers results and a raft of other benefits such as stress management and strengthening of the immune system. Working out in a community environment has also been proven to help people stay committed to their fitness goals, and make new friends along the way!” Over 55% of Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First members in Indonesia participate in group fitness classes as part of their fitness routine. 

Aside from the three group fitness classes featured at Blast Those Beats, members can also participate in a wider variety of classes at Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First clubs in Indonesia. These include yoga, boxing, mixed martial arts-inspired, cardio, strength and conditioning classes, and of course, dance. “We have a rich timetable of more than 10.000 classes per month, taught by our certified group fitness instructors and master trainers, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy,” Said Triesca Ariesandy, Head of Fitness Evolution Wellness Indonesia.