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Achieve your fitness goals with a hype fitness team and a great choice of classes. Get with dance, cycling, yoga, strength, HIIT and even trampoline-based options.

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  • Great workouts, positive vibes 
  • 4,900 monthly group classes 
  • Accessible, qualified trainers 
  • Track progress with Mytrainer and inBody app 
  • 2 exclusive clubs for anytime, anywhere workouts 
  • Extensive, well-maintained gym equipment 


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Train to shine
Achieve your goals easily and effortlessly with our certified personal trainers. Personalized workout routines for a stronger, leaner, fitter you. 

Squad Training

Boring workouts are so out! Get with our motivating fitness crew. Experience a fully-equipped gym with unique features, igniting your passion in every sweat session.

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