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Why settle for boring workouts when you can party with us? Have fun while you work it!


A totally cool crew

Vibe with with our StarSquad and StarMakers. They've got your back!

Red carpet treatment

Stars deserve the best! And our clubs, classes and StarMakers know it!


Say bye bye to boring. So many classes to choose. So much fun to have!

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We're not about just fitness. Walk out looking, feeling like a star. Sign up. Try us. Tour our clubs, meet our StarMakers. Get on the A-list today!

Premium equipment and dynamic group fitness classes.

Complimentary health and fitness assessment.
Certified StarMakers to ignite your motivation and make you feel like a star.
Vibrant, uplifting fitness community who have your back every step of the way.
Workout in 2 clubs nationwide and over 70 clubs across South East Asia.


We'll get in touch within 48 hours.


App for access and bookings

Download our app for bookings and access. We cap club capacities to ensure your safety.

Choose your class. Book 46 hours ahead. Arrive 15 minutes early to secure your spot. Limit to one booking a day.

Check in at our clubs, earn virtual badges. The more check-ins, the more rewards!

Up for some friendly competition? Get your game on with our Celeb Tribe Challenges and get ranked.

Scope out our massive choice of Group Fitness classes across our network of clubs. That's right - any club, anywhere!

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