1. How do I join online?
    First, select your preferred Home Club. You can then opt to choose between the customizable membership plan, which allows you to pick and choose your preferred class groups, club access level and commitment length. Once you have filled in your details and made payment, you will receive a confirmation email with your membership details.

  1. How do I make payment for my membership?
    At the moment, we accept payment via credit card only. All monthly recurring payments will be made via your registered credit card.

  2. What should I do after completing the join online payment?
    Our call center will contact you within 24 hours to help you making appointment with the club and to ensure the support needed before you start using the facility.

  1. If I have any queries about my membership or club who do I speak to?
    Our club staff are happy to help you with any questions or feedback you have. If you'd prefer to speak to club management, please let our reception team know. Each club has a Front of House Manager dedicated to ensuring that you're completely satisfied with your membership. If the Front of House Manager isn't immediately available, the reception team will ensure you are contacted by them as soon as possible. If your enquiry needs urgent attention, your Club’s General Manager can help.

  2. How do I update my personal details and/or account details?
    You can update all your personal details through our reception team. They'll be happy to assist.

  3. How old do I have to be to join Celebrity Fitness?
    Memberships are available to individuals who have attained a minimum age of 14 years. If you are under 17, Celebrity Fitnes requires a parent or guardian to provide approval to enter into a membership agreement and agree to accept responsibility to ensure the member complies with all membership terms and conditions.


Contact us through our online chat or call our helpline at